How We Make
Quality Control

Total control of quality is a plant wide activity and represents aggregate responsibility of all personnel.

The responsibility for defining and auditing the Quality Control system and for evaluating the quality of the finished product rests with the Quality Assurance Department. The Control of Quality within each manufacturing operation is achieved with the use of Hi Tech Testing Instruments allocated for the journey from Raw Material to Finished Product along with High Frequency In Process Testing.

Our elementary principle is to provide high quality products, which consistently meet or exceed the expectation of our customers and be the leader in the market we serve.

SMB´s World Class Manufacturing and Quality Control Facilities

SMB has an ultra modern manufacturing unit having a world class 10,000 clean rooms facilities, well equipped to produce perfect products, which have excellent qualities such as safety, reliability, convenience and comfort. We have acquired state-of-the-art technology and in-house facilities and constantly upgrade our production process with new innovations. SMB Corporation stands for perfection and non-manipulation, believing in supplies of only high quality standard products.

Our quality control facilities include multiple nextGen UTM’s (Universal Tensile Machines), Integrity Tests Machines, Class 100 work stations, High Resolution Shadowgraphs, High Accuracy Digital Weighing Instruments.

We offer a complete line of medical devices that are CE marked for European as well as Global distribution to support our international customers.

It is ensured that all our products are free from any type of contamination before being put up for sale with minimum Bioburden of 7-8 cfu before terminal sterilization and No/NIL Bioburden after Sterilization.