Benefits of IUD TCu 380A

  • The whole device comes in a sterile, easy-to-use, peelable pouch meant for single use only. Thus chances of infections are minimized. With its longer Loading Device (Consisting of Insertion Tube and Stylet / Inserter Rod), the use of Insertion Forceps is avoided, thus no fear of cross-contamination.
  • This Postpartum Intrauterine Device is ideal for women who deliver at health care facilities and wish to either space or limit their subsequent pregnancies.
  • IUDs have no effect on the quantity and quality of breast milk, a major concern of new mothers.
  • IUD is as effective as tubal ligation in providing contraceptive protection. Postpartum IUD is the best alternative to tubectomy for couples who wish to keep their options open for future family expansion.
  • Insertion after delivery avoids the discomfort related to interval insertion, some of the post-insertion side effects are masked by normal postpartum events (such as bleeding and cramps).
Ideal Time for Insertion of Postpartum IUD

Post placental: Insertion within 10 minutes after the expulsion of the placenta following a vaginal delivery on the same delivery table.

Intracaesarean: Insertion that takes place during cesarean delivery, after removal of the placenta, and before the closure of the uterine incision.

Within 48 hours after delivery: Insertion within 48 hours of delivery and prior to discharge from the postpartum ward.

Postabortion: Insertion following an abortion, if there is no infection, bleeding, or any other contraindications.

Extended Postpartum/Interval: Insertion anytime after 6 weeks.

Unique Features
Components Length of Components
Variant I Variant II
Monofilament Suture 535 mm 115 mm
Insertion Tube 355 mm 355 mm
Stylet 396 mm 396 mm
Unique Features


  • Proven Safe Reversible Contraception
  • Easy to load
  • Long Intrauterine life
  • Hormone/Steroid free
  • Highly convenient
  • Immediately effective, can be used as an emergency contraceptive
  • Daily attention is not required
  • Safe contraceptive for breastfeeding women
  • No-touch technique for insertion
  • Can be used by women who cannot use Steroid Contraceptives
  • Safe for all women of childbearing age
  • Safe for use after abortion or miscarriage
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