Product Description

Why Choose SMB Corporation’s Exemplary IUD Insertion & Removal Training Model?

High-Quality Material: SMB pays heed to sustainability, and hence, utilizes robust TPR that is non-hazardous and environment conscious. Our recyclable and resilient IUD training model is definitely the best equipment in the medical field.

Realistic Uterus Shape: Thorough practice is required for the real course of action i.e. IUD insertion and removal. Keeping the same in mind, SMB established this device that mimics the shape and structure of a real female uterus. It is meant to offer an authentic implantation experience for doctors or clinicians.

Easy to Use: Support the two common IUD insertion practices, hormonal IUDs and copper IUDs.

Since our IUD model’s interior is soft and gentle, it bestows a true experience to medical students while incorporating and withdrawing. Whether, hormonal IUDs or copper IUDs, it is suitable for both contraceptive procedures.

Easy to Carry: It is lightweight and handy. You can easily carry it anywhere in your bag. One of its primary features is its manageability, both on and off-treatment practice.

Why do medical students or doctors need an IUD training model?

IUD is a contraceptive solution known for guaranteed birth control 99% of the time. It is highly convenient, owing to its capacity to last for up to a maximum of 10 years. One can also get it removed anytime without fearing any major side effects or issues while planning to conceive. It is regarded as a global solution and is present in almost all hospitals. Since, medical proficiency is emphasized for the placement and removal of IUDs, particularly in the case of gynaecologists, SMB Corporation of India brings to you the most trusted IUD training model, a professional tool to elevate your expertise. To know enquire further reach out to us today!

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