Where We Make

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Where We Make

The moulding, extrusion, manufacturing and assembling are carried out by highly trained technicians/employees in controlled environmental conditions of Class 10,000 to reduce bioburden on the product to the minimum possible level.

When it comes to the storage or processing of drugs or drug products, ventilation and temperature are vital parameters that influence the standard of these drug products.

HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system) is imperative for enhancing as well as maintaining the quality of these products. The system is designed to help achieve proper ventilation, temperature, and air conditioning. And the system design helps in the prevention and control of cross-contamination.

At SMB we use the latest technology HVAC systems as well as Air Handling Units with full-service access.

The SMB manufacturing unit comprises stability chambers, universal testing machines, weighing balances, and seal integrity testing machines. The entire infrastructure is designed and developed with modern systems that support the sustainable functionality and latest laboratory equipment for high accuracy and precision.

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