Device Description

Vaginal dilators are tube-shaped devices, either plastic or silicone-based. They are employed to extend the entrance of the cervix (vaginal opening). Vaginal dilators are sold in kits with varied size dilators, small to big i.e., the size of a finger. It also comprises of handles to help you grasp the silicone dilators while performing vaginal dilator therapy.


  • It is both safe and effective.
  • Over time, it gently stretches and extends your vaginal tissues.
  • Greater flexibility and less discomfort during sexual intercourse.
Intended Application

Vaginal dilators protect your vaginal opening from getting too small. It can also help your vagina remain stretchy. These items make a comprehensive pelvic exam (looking at your vulva and internal reproductive organs) and vaginal penetration more comfortable for your healthcare professional. Vagina dilators may also aid with pain during sexual intercourse if you've had menopause or have specific health issues.

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